The ‘Midway’ trailer.

Midway looks big.

Then again: apparently, so did Pearl Harbor. Then again, Midway looks more like a straight up war movie instead of a “romantic period war drama film” (which is how Wikipedia categorizes Pearl Harbor: no indication as to whether anybody was rolling their eyes while typing that out). After Dunkirk, I have some faint hope that Hollywood groks that the smart plan on World War 2 movies is just to play the damn thing straight and outwait the bastards.

I don’t blame anybody for being skeptical, of course. Still: there’s some good action shots in that trailer. I liked the way that they brought in the way Pearl Harbor was terrifying, in the classic sense of the term.

Moe Lane

One thought on “The ‘Midway’ trailer.”

  1. Skeptical maybe, but if nothing else that trailer was put together well. Which has some correlation with a good movie, such as with the House of Mouse.

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