I am deep in the newsletter madness.

I’m doing a project for my SCA barony: I’m the chronicler, which basically means that I take notes at the meeting and do a monthly newsletter. But since the Pennsic War is coming up quickly, I thought that it’d be nice to have a special newsletter for Pennsic, filled with good advice and whatnot for people who were going for the first time. I’m not actually writing much of it, just putting together articles other people wrote and so forth, but the deadline for submissions tonight and editing requires a bunch of fiddling around.

Which is to say: I’m doing creative work today, but it’s creative work that has little to do with this site and I can either do it now, or tomorrow when my self-imposed publishing deadline is. I honestly would rather do it now. Which is to say, pared down even further: probably no gaming material written up tonight, or anything. I want to make sure that this isn’t hanging over my head.