Geeks Are Sexy offering KOTOR/KOTOR 2 for five bucks.

Which is a nice deal.

But you’ll also want the epic fan mod that fixes certain aspects of KOTOR. Like, honestly, the ending. And HK-47. Oh, yes, he can be made even better.

2 thoughts on “Geeks Are Sexy offering KOTOR/KOTOR 2 for five bucks.”

  1. KOTOR. Ah, the memories.
    You had mentioned before you were looking for PS4 games. I got Persona 5 because it is on sale as a PS Hit and was said to be a good rpg.
    Damn. If you are looking for a good game to play around the kids, this is a good one- but not to have them actually play. Lot of murder, suicide and random fiendishness hides in those brightly colored, innocuous graphics.
    Also, it is perhaps the greatest time vacuum I have ever come across.
    You might wait for Persona 5 Royal to come out, but that promises to be 50% LONGER.

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