The 1917 trailer.

Well, historical war dramas have been doing pretty well on the movie front lately.

DUNKIRK and DARKEST HOUR both did well for themselves, and the studios*; Hollywood probably figures that it’s worth taking a flyer on 1917. World War I pieces are interesting, though. The general consensus (and it’s general because it’s correct) is that WWI was a fairly pointless war that resolved nothing and made things so much worse, down the line — and that affects the stories that get told using it as a backdrop. Which makes a more conventional sort of war movie appear odd. As I said to the screen when the general tells the heroes that if they don’t stop the attack in time there’ll be a massacre: since when did you people start caring about that?

May see it, may not. Depends on the reviews.

Moe Lane

*In the latter’s case: six Oscar nominations and two wins will make up nicely for an only mildly profitable run.