Tweet of the Day, Well. Yes edition.

This is pretty much how it works.

Although my favorite one I ever saw along those lines was the guy who said something like So, hey, I live on the fifth floor, and this cat just squeezed through the bars of my window and is here now. What’s up with that? and everybody else said Well, what’s up with that is, you have been assigned a cat. That’s just how cats do.

6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Well. Yes edition.”

  1. Pretty much.
    The scouts think you’d be a good person for a cat, an entry plan is worked out, and .. congratulations, you’re now one of ours.

  2. Well does Dwarf Fortress describe the process of acquiring a cat as one of adoption on the part of the cat.

  3. Yeah, but it’s not irrevocable. I was sitting in the front yard one evening and a cat walked up and did friendly cat things. I asked around – it looked like a neighbor’s cat – but everyone said “no, that’s not Ollie, that’s Blue (a different cat that had been abandoned).” So, my wife and I went out and bought a cat tower, cat food etc. “Blue” made himself at home and dealt admirably with our dogs. Then a few days later, I was coming home from work and my neighbor was posting Lost Cat signs. I let “Blue” out, he saw his mom and went to her right away. The neighbor had left the cat with a sitter while she was on vacation and the sitter wasn’t very conscientious I guess. Seems also that my neighbors aren’t very good cat IDers.

    Ollie will come over on occasion and say hi, thanks for letting me bunk with you for a week.

    1. Had that a while back. Cat unknown to us came up, cuddles, no tag, came in when we motioned it in, we got it down for the basement for the night, the next morning I let the cat out, and it more or less just left. I can only assume that the cat was on a cross-country trip or something, and had us down in the guidebook as a reliable food/overnight spot. Which, in fact, is completely true.

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