Khajiit takes skooma, FOR GREAT JUSTICE.

I don’t know why I think this is funny. Well, actually, I do know why. I just don’t know why I think that any of you will think this is funny, but it’s my site and it’s Labor Day so I’m chilling out.

5 thoughts on “Khajiit takes skooma, FOR GREAT JUSTICE.”

    1. Morrowind taught me not to do drugs.
      Or drink too much.
      Sujamma, I imagine my Nord regarded it like I view tequila.

    2. It is a weird thing, but I hardly ever use drugs in a game. Fallout, Skyrim, anything I can think of aside from Witcher 3.

      1. In the various Bethesda games I’ve played, I might need more than one hand to count the times I’ve used drugs, but I don’t think I’d need more than two.

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