Description: a zippered, leather travel bag with an old-style handle. It contains the following items:

  • One old-style digital watch. (non-functional)
  • One pair of boots. (Black)
  • One men’s belt. (Black) 
  • One men’s shirt. (White)
  • One men’s suit. (Black)
  • One men’s fedora. (Black)
  • One pair of black-rimmed sunglasses.
  • One Zippo-style lighter.

The items all register as enchanted.  The lighter works without fluid, and the watch gives the wearer a certain pay-no-attention-to-me status with regular people.  But it’s the suit that’s most interesting: the individual pieces of clothing can’t be damaged or harmed in any way!

Note: this protection does not extend to the wearer of the clothing, except indirectly.  If somebody is shot in the back while wearing the suit jacket, the fabric won’t be damaged.  But the bullet will still make at least an impression in the target’s back; the fabric will simply bunch up under the bullet, until the fabric can no longer bunch up further.  In other words, the clothes will convert damage to whatever the equivalent of crushing is; ‘massive internal damage’ is very much a possible outcome for somebody wearing the suit.

On the bright side: the suit was made for a fairly hefty man, which means that a light kevlar vest can be worn under it.  In fact, that’s recommended.  Also, the belt is unbreakable, period.  The hat cannot be knocked off, also period.  And the glasses give a hefty bonus to any attempt to resist mental domination and/or attempts to intimidate.

Lastly, yes, it is obvious that the AZURE FELLOWSHIP Cache is blatantly referencing to a classic comedy movie.  The only problem is, it’s not clear if the reference was deliberate, or whether it’s a case where the universe decided to have its own little joke.  Guess whose job it is to figure that out? Yes, well, that’s the price one pays for being competent in the past; more opportunities to shine in the present.

2 thoughts on “Item Seed: Cache AZURE FELLOWSHIP.”

  1. …. technically, the shirt – as worn in the rest of the movie – should be white .. and, again as in the rest of the movie, should be completely and perfectly impervious to dirt and stains.
    Thank you for not including the .. less savory items.
    p.s. one imagines a campaign could include the $23.50, just for purposes of establishing a (possibly false) date / region of origin.

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