Looks interesting, but I don’t have BBC One.

Although I assume that WAR OF THE WORLDS will cross the pond, at some point. The Beeb knows that there’s an audience over here for their stuff, after all. They’ll be happy to sell distribution rights to one of the big streaming services or whatnot.

Moe Lane

PS: I do assume that there’ll be some sort of Big Message attached to it, to be sure. But if it’s topical it’s going to be British topical, which means that it’ll probably sail right over my head anyway. Things are getting surreal, over there.

One thought on “The THE WAR OF THE WORLDS BBC Trailer.”

  1. > there’ll be some sort of Big Message


    That line “is this the wages of our sins?” is a huge tell in that regard. Although it looks like a period piece, which means trying to wedge a homily about current day sensibilities would be awkward indeed.


    Doesn’t mean they won’t do it, of course…

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