The ‘Bless Their Hearts’ DICKINSON Apple TV+ trailer.

You know, it takes a lot to kind of horrify GeekTyrant. I don’t mean that as a criticism of the site: I actually like how they’re so positively enthusiastic about geek-stuff, even when I don’t think that the stuff they’re being enthusiastic is worth it. But the Dickinson trailer made them blink, relatively speaking:

The series takes on the literary genius poet Emily Dickinson and imagines that she was a wild and crazy teenager with promiscuous and partying tendencies. I still don’t quite get why they couldn’t have just based this character on someone brand new. Dickinson was a known recluse, and I find it to be such a weird story to fuse her into.

…Yeaaaah. This is one of those things you look at and decide that yes, the show has found its home; Apple TV+ is exactly where you’d expect to see Emily Dickinson re-imagined as a bisexual party girl. Personally, I feel that they should have gone even further and given Emily mechanical webbing-shooters and made the whole thing a steampunk Spider-Gwen. Which is a concept that I only came up with after I looked up “Hailee Steinfeld,” but now I absolutely must see that movie.

One thought on “The ‘Bless Their Hearts’ DICKINSON Apple TV+ trailer.”

  1. Ba-Wha?
    So a reclusive housewife, whose limited social life revolved around her church, whose poems were posthumously publicized by her pastor, was what now?
    (Performs sinal salute)
    They know nothing.

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