Hrm. Tim Miller wanted the Thing, Copycat for DEADPOOL 2.

Interesting. But also, well, let’s face it: neither are those are actually unworkable, right? [SPOILERS] Neither Juggernaut nor Vanessa were dead at the end of the film (frankly, only a movie like DEADPOOL 2 could possibly get away with the latter), so bring in the Fantastic Four for DEADPOOL 3. Or maybe Ryan Reynolds could threaten to do that, just watch his new corporate overlords’ faces all congeal in horror. I’d pay cash money to see that pitch meeting, ya, you betcha.

Moe Lane

PS: I like superhero movies. Shocker, really. But the two franchises (or proto-franchises) that seem best suited to make good superhero comic movies are Deadpool and Spider-verse. Everybody else in the genre seems prone to being just too damn insecure about the films that they’re making.

2 thoughts on “Hrm. Tim Miller wanted the Thing, Copycat for DEADPOOL 2.”

  1. Some day soon, I’m going to have to man up and watch that Super Duper Unrated cut of Deadpool 2.

    While my nerves can still take it.

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