The “Yes, I laughed” HARLEY QUINN R-rated TV trailer.

Not gonna lie, here. There’s one point in the HARLEY QUINN trailer (NSFW) when I laughed out loud when I realized what had happened. Can’t watch it, wouldn’t watch it, absolutely won’t have it around the kids — but I laughed. Because there’s some things you just don’t do in a super-battle, and what happened there was at the top of the list.

3 thoughts on “The “Yes, I laughed” HARLEY QUINN R-rated TV trailer.”

  1. Now I have to ask just *which* thing you were referring to… My “LOL” moment was the bit on the train.

    1. Mine was the only bleeped curseword in the trailer, during that Wonder Woman fight. The look on everybody’s faces, including the villain’s…

  2. This looks surprisingly good. I may take up the ‘free’ offer to watch it.

    Bane casually sipping a Mai Tai while he’s on the phone with Joker is gold.

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