BLACK ADAM announced for 12/22/21.

Dwayne Johnson to star.

More here: Johnson is coming down pretty hard on Black Adam being a superhero… from a certain point of view. Whether or not the Shazam! Family will agree with him is a different story. And yet, there’s that empty chair.

Moe Lane

PS: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I want to see the Shazam! Family get right into the rest of the DCEU. I really, really want to see the Jesse Eisenberg Luthor have to deal with someone like Billy Batson. Full-fledged, gibbering, inarticulate, impotent rage from Luthor within five minutes, tops.

5 thoughts on “BLACK ADAM announced for 12/22/21.”

  1. In the battle to determine the capiest cape in capedom, it’s the main antagonist that arguably gives Captain Marvel the edge over The Flash.
    Black Adam isn’t evil*. He’s cynical. With a freely assumed responsibility to protect his people, the power to do so, and the wisdom to be proactive.
    When not contrasted with the idealism of Captain Marvel, he’s an antihero, not a villain.
    *Bouts of insanity and rounds of mind control excepted.

    1. I’m actually kind of surprised Marvel hasn’t done a revision of him like Deathstroke/Deadpool or Doom Patrol/Guardians or the Galaxy.
      If your contrast with Black Adam is Wolverine, the Incredible Hulk, or Deadpool, he looks completely different.
      Honorable. Noble. A bit of a prig.

    1. Little bit of both.
      I wrote something much longer, but I’ll edit it down. Captain Marvel has been surrounded by folks with similar powers since shortly after his introduction in the 40s. Over the years, the number of these folks and makeup has varied, but there’s always been other Marvels. The movie version of the family basically dates back to Flashpoint-era, which was 2011-ish. So not made up for the film, but not a version of the family with decades of weight behind it.
      Black Adam dates back to the 40s as well, but Fawcett did nothing with him and most of what makes the modern character appealing basically showed up after Crisis.

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