Oh, hey, a FLASH movie.

Coming out in 2022. That’s pretty much it, except that it’s Ezra Miller from JUSTICE LEAGUE as Barry Allen. I’m… down with that, I think. It is one of the aggravating things about the DCEU movies that I liked the individual superhero actors just fine, and that included Miller. As long as we don’t have to have a stupid origin story (dude’s fast. There you go), I figure that they can make a decent movie out of the Flash’s struggle to figure out what the hell he’s supposed to do with all this speed, anyway.

Honestly, they’re doing a better job with the standalone flicks anyway.

2 thoughts on “Oh, hey, a FLASH movie.”

  1. Word is that it’s supposed to be Flashpoint. I’m not very fond of that story because the main thrust of it is that Eobard Thawn can go nuts changing the past to mess up Barry Allen’s life. But the moment Barry takes steps to undo Thawn’s changes, the timeline gets massively screwed up.

    1. Oh dear lord, no. One, Flashpoint was not a good story on its own. Look at the Flashpoint animated movie. Two- the story means nothing if you don’t have the years of history (that then gets thrown out) behind the characters. It’d be like doing Flashpoint with “The Boys.” No one would care. And Barry, well, his one big plotline other than Flashpoint was “The Trial of Barry Allen” which won’t work without setup. Wally had the better plotlines, but that’s not a fight I’m fighting today.
      Look, throw Barry against the Rogues. All of them at once. By 2022, Sony still won’t have “Sinister Six” done and as far as I can remember, with most of the films so far it’s been “Bunch of heroes versus a big bad guy” rather than the other way around. Hero’s journey right there. He fights them all solo, beats them. They team up. Beat him. He withdraws. Trains. Prevails. Boom.
      Or just use Gorilla Grodd. That’s be cool too.

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