The second BIRDS OF PREY trailer.

I’m just not feeling it, sorry.

I mean, one of the things I’m not quite sure about with BIRDS OF PREY is: where are all the costumes? Even AQUAMAN gave us the classic costume in the end. I dunno, maybe I’m not the target audience — but then, the main villain’s Black Mask, right? This property reads like it’s a mix between Girl Power Superheroing and a dive into the DC archives. So who is the target audience? Are there enough of them? Or does the trailer just suck? Because God knows trailers can suck.

Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “The second BIRDS OF PREY trailer.”

  1. Who is the target market? The roller derby cut pretty much explains it. There’s a certain market segment that likes watching women do violence, especially cartoon violence, and especially especially when they’re as hot as Margo Robbie and wearing short shorts.

      1. Gah. I *still* hate that fricking scene.
        Both the good guys and the bad guys were full of straight-up certified badasses.
        All of whom would have died almost instantly if they went into that room.
        But a wee slip of a girl, with minimal combat experience or signs of aggression clears the room.
        Without a scratch.
        If you want to do a Western *in space*, I’m down for that.
        If you want to do a superhero origin story *In space*, I’m down for that, too.
        If you want to do the Western, and then flip to the Superhero in the third act with next to no segue, I’m out. You’ve just shattered my willing suspension of diselief. No amount of Rule of Cool can handwave genres that disparate.

        1. So .. just checkin’ here .. it’s not “River Tam Beats Up Everybody” that caused you problems .. it’s that a trope from a different genre showed up?
          Because .. I was pretty sure, when watching Firefly, that the point was to stretch the boundaries of existing genres…

  2. Good Evening. Did someone call me?


    Don’t be toying with me, Acat.

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