The mercifully-killed STAR WARS: UNDERWORLD test footage.

I stopped watching after the actual test footage. STAR WARS: UNDERWORLD looked like it would have been pretty danged bad. Is that normal for test footage?

The part I enjoyed most in that clip was the bit where four people had a firefight with blasters in an enclosed area and nobody got hit — despite the fact that three of them were just freaking standing there, out of cover*. Granted, two of them were Stormtroopers, but still. You’d expect people who run a gun shop to have better aim.

So, yeah, good call there. Even if it would have involved hookers. …Yeah, sorry for putting that mental picture in your head.

Moe Lane

*Eventually it got resolved by the arms dealer rolling a grenade across the floor — which then proceeded to blow his own guy out the window. Oh, I guess it probably killed the Stormtroopers, too. I don’t know that concussive / fragmentation damage is on the list of things that Stormtrooper armor does jack to protect against, but it’s the safe way to bet.

2 thoughts on “The mercifully-killed STAR WARS: UNDERWORLD test footage.”

  1. So Lucas was thinking TV series back in 2005? It seems that, once again, he was ahead of his time.

  2. Well, when you have a shoot out, you can either have a) lots of missed shots, or b) it be over in about 10 seconds. There’s also the Stargate SG1 variation, where you have c) lots of cannon fodder on the losing side.

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