Marvel-Disney talking to Mark Ruffalo for SHE-HULK.

This is, of course, unsurprising. Marvel would like somebody from the movies to anchor the upcoming live-action Disney+ series, and Mark Ruffalo would like to work. Don’t get me wrong: Ruffalo’s not poor. But he’s in serious danger of getting typecast, so why not lean into it and cash those sweet, sweet TV checks? God knows the Mouse isn’t going broke any time soon.

What I’m mostly curious is whether Mark Ruffalo also shows up in SHE-HULK as Professor Hulk, or whether they’ll reset him to Bruce Banner. The first way makes more thematic sense; the latter is considerably less expensive, not that Disney can’t spend the money now in the noble cause of making considerably more money later. Guess we’ll see!

Moe Lane

PS: They actually haven’t cast anybody yet for the actual She-Hulk. Guess it’s too early in the process for that.