GODZILLA VS. KONG still on for November 2020.

That’s the subtext here, at least. Now, I know what you’re wondering. You’re wondering, “But Moe! GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS made less than four hundred million on a two hundred million dollar budget! How can there be a sequel, with numbers like that?”

To which I say: the glory of the sunk cost… well, not “fallacy.” It’s only a fallacy when it leads to an outcome that I don’t want*. What happened here is that GODZILLA VS. KONG was already filmed and in post-production when KING OF THE MONSTERS came out, so what were they going to do? Take a complete bath on the film? Of course not!

In other words, this movie is coming out because somebody on the creative side likely screwed over the suits. And that’s fine by me. I get a Godzilla/Kong team-up flick, and sometimes you gotta break somebody else’s eggs if you wanna have that omelet.

Moe Lane

*Work with me, here.

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