The CATS Honest trailer.

You know it’s going to be epic when Honest Trailers apologizes in advance for what they’re about to do.


…I linked to what I linked to.

3 thoughts on “The CATS Honest trailer.”

  1. Just the video making fun of it will haunt your dreams.
    But I’m ever so glad they decided that buttholes were just *too* gratuitous.

  2. I watched the movie because anything that bizarre deserves to be seen. It was everything I thought it would be. There are moments in that movie that just make you stare blankly at the screen and wonder how on God’s Green Earth did that escape?
    But there are some very touching moments as well. When Francesca Hayward sings “Beautiful Ghosts” it’s actually quite poignant. I might run the risk of being ridiculed for saying it, but “Cats” is not the worst movie I have ever seen. And I learned a very important fact by watching it: cats are not dogs. (Judy’ Dench’s character makes it a point to spell this out at the end of the film.)

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