Pennsic XLIX ‘postponed.’

Personally, I would have just retired the number and declared 2021’s Pennsic to be Pennsic L*. But the word has come down: this year’s War is getting delayed until next year. This will come as depressing, yet expected news to the SCA community, but what can you do? A two-week, ten thousand people camping trip would be like catnip to the coronavirus.

I’m not entirely sure that I’m going to get to go to another SCA event this year. Heck, I’m not sure when I’ll get to go an offline baronial meeting. It’s been that sort of situation.

Moe Lane

*Or perhaps not. I suspect that they’re listing it as ‘postponed’ instead of ‘canceled’ because of all of the pre-registrations: if the event is canceled, the money has to be returned. But if it’s delayed, most of the people who paid will simply shrug and say Just let the money roll over because they’d be going next year anyway. which is something I hadn’t considered.

One thought on “Pennsic XLIX ‘postponed.’”

  1. They should keep that designation, but add “annual” to the end.
    Because moar anachronism.

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