05/16/2020 Snippet, MARIE AND THE CONTINENT.

Wasn’t sure if I’d get this in: it was movie night.

Predators are lazy (I do not except myself in this); if they can manage a meal without effort, they will take the opportunity. It would be a stupid opportunity to take, given that the Ördög’s goal would be to get into Kassel to feed, but the Ördög did not ask me. Instead, it hastily followed me as I half-fled to the water closet.

From there my plan was simplicity itself. I assumed that the Ördög would wish to intercept me between cars, where it could more easily dispose of my body after it did – whatever it was that the Ördög was expecting to do. Local lore was rather primly silent on the topic, although I fancied I could hazard a guess. Alas for my foe, I had no objections to the interception itself, as I planned to throw its corpse off the train in precisely the same way.

Although I had no intention of indulging in any outrages of my own. The very idea made my skin crawl in revulsion. Besides, the fellow was hardly my type.