The suits manage to keep the Snyder Cut from getting new shooting.

Makes sense that Zack Snyder would ask, though. The worst that’d happen is they’d say “No,” right?

“There’s not going to be any reshoots of any kind with any actors,” Gonzalez said. “It’s just additional dialogue. Here’s something that hasn’t been reported yet: (Snyder) did want to shoot and he wanted to do additional photography but HBO Max said no, that’s not happening. We’ll give you money for post-production, for special effects, for scoring, and even ADR but no reshoots of any kind on this movie.”

Via GeekTyrant. I have to show a little empathy towards the suits here, though. I would have told Snyder ‘no reshoots,’ too. Dude’s getting twenty to thirty million bucks to recut Justice League; and if he’s like every other even mildly ambitious filmmaker in the world, he’s already scheming about how to get even more of a windfall. You gotta make the boundaries clear from the start, you know what I mean?

Won’t work, though. If I was a betting man I’d wager that at some point near the end Snyder’s gonna go to the suits and say Look, this movie ain’t working without a reshoot of this one little scene. The suits are gonna sit there and sweat at the idea of their thirty million budget getting them nothing for HBO Max after all. And they’re going to need that content for HBO Max, because who the hell wants another streaming service at this point, right? At this point, we’re practically back to basic cable.

So they’ll cave. Just a little. And that’s all that Zack Snyder will need. I mean, heck: they already took the first path down the road, didn’t they?

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I’m going to consider getting HBO Max for this. I was raised DC, all right? This stuff has resonances for me.

2 thoughts on “The suits manage to keep the Snyder Cut from getting new shooting.”

  1. I think the best reason for releasing the Snyder Cut (and doing any additional work to put it together) is to close out the idea that it was some sort of masterpiece hidden away. I mean… his other DC stuff wasn’t that great. Is there any real reason to think this will be any different?

    1. You hit a close second.
      The best reason is a legion of nerds throwing money at you for something the general populace was far less enthusiastic about, but which for the most part is already made.
      They call it the Snyder Cut, not the Snyder Reboot.

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