05/27/2020 Snippet, MARIE AND THE CONTINENT.

I am probably going to have to kill that one darling.


“Well, there was that rumor of an orang-utan rampaging through the poorer sections of Paris-” began Doyle.

I interrupted him. “I am sorry, Doctor Doyle, but we do not talk about the orang-utan.” Magda nodded, counterpoint.

“Ah. I see,” said Doyle after a moment. “Well, at any rate the family would hardly try to hide it if the deceased had been killed by mundane means.”

“Quite so,” said Bell. “And since no flesh was taken, and there was no scent of decay, it was not a ghoul or revenant. A werewolf would be the other obvious guess.”

“But this noblewoman, she is still dead. Where is the shame to her family in revealing how she died? Or do your English wilkołaki return from the grave?” asked Magda.

“Not if the sexton is handy enough with a shovel,” muttered Bell.