The “Wait for it, wait for it” Frank Miller’s CURSED Netflix trailer.

I foresee certain people having a complicated reaction to this trailer.

They’re gonna groove to the bad history, feel all warm and fuzzy at the casual church-slamming, revel in the plot twist… and then they’re going to stop, and say, Wait. Frank Miller wrote this. And then they’re going to get just a little bit worried.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: my interest in CURSED is mostly caught up in seeing what a trainwreck like this looks like when it’s a Frank Miller trainwreck. It could be epic. Or not! Can’t wait to see the first reviews.

Moe Lane

PS: One of my wife’s scholarly interests is Arthurania: we’ve already established that we’re to watch this, just so I can hear what she shouts at the screen. That’s gonna be fun.

One thought on “The “Wait for it, wait for it” Frank Miller’s CURSED Netflix trailer.”

  1. It really doesn’t scan as Arthurian.
    It scans more like straight fantasy where they finagled an angle to pitch the project to the graphic novel publisher/Netflix.
    Do I trust Frank Miller to make a waif-fu girl-power character that I don’t hate?
    I think I actually might.
    I’ve seen the graphic novel on shelves, but I haven’t read it.
    That said, I’m struck that if they’re actually going to riff on Arthurian myth, the focal character is going to remove Merlin from the board and start the fall of Camelot.
    If so, that’s subversive as hell, while also managing to be blatantly obvious. I’d love to see him pull that off.

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