It’s official: FROZEN DREAMS has broken three figures in sales! Huzzah!

Trying to calculate that was surprisingly hard, actually: the Amazon reports don’t always line up with each other. But I can fairly say now that, even by the most pessimistic standards, I’ve sold at least a hundred copies of FROZEN DREAMS on Amazon by now. Which is, obviously, awesome.

It’s also a good excuse for me to dial back* the incessant book-plugging a little. I’m not particularly sorry that I did it — this is how you get people’s attention, after all — but now that I’ve hit this milestone I can tell myself that it’s done quite well for the first month of a first book. And, more importantly; I can spend some of that time to work on other things. I think that’s reasonable.

Moe Lane

*I mean, I’ll still plug it. Just not quite as constantly.