Quote of the Day, Because I’m Trying To Sell Books On That Hellsite edition.

You’re hardly surprised, surely. Anyway: Tycho, from Penny Arcade:

Maybe there’s some range of infragood i’m not currently aware of; maybe Good as a descriptor is richer and fuller than I previously knew. Maybe there are some kinds of good that are bad! No doubt I’ll be able to find the answers to these and other pressing questions on Twitter, a place which asks the question, “What if there were a place for people who thought a junior high cafeteria wasn’t brutal and Darwinian enough?”

What he’s referring to is the word that the Twitter Bitcoin fraud thing was due to a compromised insider, rather than an actual hack. Some people call that… ‘good.’ But it’s not, really. It really and truly is not.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Because I’m Trying To Sell Books On That Hellsite edition.”

  1. There was a time when Twitter was generally regarded as good.
    Now, nearly anything it touches on automatically suspect.
    Lots of individuals and corporations sell out.
    But very few commit quite as wholeheartedly.

  2. I’m told that social engineering is the primary form of “hacking” these days. It’s “good” only in that it means that the security wasn’t defeated by an algo, which I guess is worse. If one algo can beat you, the next one can beat you even faster.

    Never give anyone your password, never tell anyone your pet’s name or your mom’s maiden name or where you were born, your exact birthday, etc.

    Especially not somebody you met on a gamer chat. Sheesh.

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