THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER likely delayed, dagnabbit.

Disappointing, but not unexpected: “Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was supposed to be released this August, which is next month. Disney never announced a release date change, but it doesn’t look like the highly anticipated show is coming in August.” I like Marvel superhero movies and TV series, you see. I was looking forward to this and THE NEW MUTANTS and BLACK WIDOW; but things have all gotten goofy because of this stupid pandemic.

Somebody remind me again why we decided as a society that we didn’t need drive-in theaters anymore? — Because right now that doesn’t sound like it was a smart decision, over the long term. It’s really easy to social distance without masks when you’re in your car.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, drive-ins wouldn’t have helped directly, in this case. I still wish we had them around in useful numbers, though. And with infrastructure.

One thought on “THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER likely delayed, dagnabbit.”

  1. It wasn’t society.
    It was the studios deciding that (with next to no warning) they no longer wanted to distribute their films (including back catalogs) in anything but the latest format.
    Drive-ins couldn’t afford the ridiculous price of the new projectors they’d need to buy to stay in business. A few managed to pass the hat and be saved by their communities, but they were the exception.
    There should have been an anti-trust case, but the executive during the beforetime had no interest in bringing it.

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