Please let me know if you don’t get your copy of FROZEN DREAMS.

According to Backerkit it looks like almost everybody who filled out their survey* has had their copy of FROZEN DREAMS ship, so if you don’t get yours let me know and I’ll start nagging on my side. I sent all of these via Media Mail, so hopefully I can track down what went wrong. Again, ‘hopefully’: this is learning-by-doing for me.

Gearing up now to do the RPG worldbook stuff exclusively. Oddly, I thought this would be the easy part. I wrote it already, right? Silly me…

Moe Lane


6 thoughts on “Please let me know if you don’t get your copy of FROZEN DREAMS.”

    1. USPS was as good as their word, which isn’t always the case. Looks great!

      My daughter in law got hers this morning, so hopefully that means that the Texas deliveries are in good shape.

  1. Pretty sure I did the survey. Tracking says you printed my label, but USPS has not seen the package come in for shipping?

    1. You did, and I do remember printing and prepping the book. I’m going to check the car, see if it fell out of anything. If it doesn’t, I’ll just mail you a new book.

      1. Yeah, found it. It was cleverly hiding in plain view, or else somebody moved it and then moved it back. I’ll try to get it out this afternoon.

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