07/24/2020 Snippet, TIPPED ON A STIFF.

More comic violence! It’s OK, this guy was bad.

“Yeah, this is where I came in,” I muttered as I did a spin kick and knocked the knife out of his hand. And that really hurt, because I had forgotten the damned stitches again! But they were real eager to remind that they were there. And unhappy as hell, too. But they didn’t quite pop out, so I told myself to behave better and stop pissing ‘em off.

After this fight. The guy still on his feet was circling me, clearly trying to get some grappling and gouging in. That turned out to be pretty dumb, because Sofie pulled a bat out of her purse in one of those old gags, straight from the Lore. The nobles get all the fun toys, don’t they? And she was… pretty bad with a bat, yeah. But when you’re hitting somebody in the back of the head with your magically summoned one, just how good do you have to be?

You kind of expect little blue birds or something, again just like in the Lore. Instead, the guy went wobbly-kneed, staggered a few paces, fell down… and then Sofie smacked him with the bat again, only this time in a place where getting hit spoils the rest of your night, or maybe week. I know I’m supposed to wince in sympathy when that kind of thing happens, but I didn’t feel like it.