The FERMI RESOLUTION RPG Worldbook is ready for playtest!

It’s not done. There’s art to do, more editing, and obviously playtesting. But I’ve gotten the damned thing in a state where it can be properly worked on by playtesters.

If you are interested in running a (or playing in somebody else’s) playtest of this game, let me know in comments. At the moment I already have one, maybe two groups tentatively lined up for this (my regular gaming group and maybe the backer I’ll be doing a Zoom session with), but I may run a third if I don’t get anybody willing to try this out. All I know is, a big part of the to-do spreadsheet just went from red to purple…

3 thoughts on “The FERMI RESOLUTION RPG Worldbook is ready for playtest!”

  1. I haven’t made it into the actual book (hopefully, I can make time this weekend), but the map needs a couple of editing corrections:

    “Uiversal Dominion (occupied)” — (Universal)

    “Pacific Trade Cofederation” — (Confederation)

    “Republique Impériale du Canada” — (République, since Impériale includes the accent); my French is pretty rusty, but it might be more correct to use “République Impériale de Canada”, Imperial Republic of Canada, instead of Imperial Republic of the Canada.

    I don’t know the Gumshoe system, so I probably won’t be good gameplay-specific feedback.

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