The two men scouted out the scene in front of the library annex. The annex had started out as a one-story building, then had two-story additions attached behind it and to the side, transforming it into an L-shaped structure. There was also another, later one-story attachment slapped onto the two-story addition that was windowless, and probably now the annex proper. A glass alcove had been added to connect the pieces of the L-shape and create a main door, but the alcove had lost all of its glass a while back. Bits of weathered, rounded glass nuggets could be found as the overgrowth that Morgan, Ben, and Kiddo were now using for cover.

They figured they needed the cover, because there were far too many bones scattered around the parking lot and entrance. Mostly animal bones, but there was at least one human skeleton picked clean. Something had pushed around the weathered plastic car chassis, too.

Ben said, “So, yeah, that’s what we call ‘bad,’ these days.” After a second, he went on, “Okay, we’d have called it ‘bad’ back before the Discovery, too.”

“Or ‘fake,’ because there’s no way there’d be that many bones lying around,” agreed Morgan.