The Reassuring THE BATMAN trailer.

You know annoying it can be when they make superhero films grim, dark, and edgy? Yeah, well, that doesn’t apply to Batman movies. As somebody pointed out somewhere: this project has a THE CROW vibe to it.

…I AM ABSOLUTELY DOWN FOR VIOLENT GOTH BATMAN. I didn’t think that was an option! And, hey: since you’re raiding my to-do list anyway, maybe we could get a THE DOOM THAT CAME TO GOTHAM animated miniseries? Because tell me you wouldn’t watch that. Go on. Tell me*.

Moe Lane

PS: Villains are Riddler and Catwoman, and the first at least looks like he’d give the Joker a run for his money when it comes up to doing messed-up [expletive deleted] thematic villainy.

*Damn. I was hoping that there was a TDTCTG animated series planned, and I just missed it. But no joy.

2 thoughts on “The Reassuring THE BATMAN trailer.”

  1. Physically Patterson’s body is the narrowest of all of batman we’ve seen. Since this is supposed to be Batman Year 2 era material, he’s really not quite settled into his role yet and there are still things he’s going to have to work out.

  2. I am really fond of how threatening the Riddler is without the man’s face being seen. The best of the DC trailers so far, with The Suicide Squad in second place.
    Some of the camera cuts were hard to follow, but since there is at least half of the movie left to be filmed, I have hopes that will be reduced in the final product.
    I would very much like to see this in a movie theater.

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