6 thoughts on “‘The Saga Begins.’”

  1. What I wanted out of the prequels is to see Darth Vader kicking butt and being a villain, kinda like that scene in Rogue One, but three movies’ worth.


    Instead, I got one movie of “now that’s what I call pod racing!” and Jar Jar Binks, and two movies of Anakin being emotionally immature, capped of with 5 seconds of “Noooooooo!”


    I guess the good thing for me is that my ability to feel much righteous indignation about such things was pretty much burned out by that one Voyager episode where Paris and Janeway turn into lizards, have lizard babies, and then get turned back to humans (but somehow leave the lizard babies behind?!?)

    1. Still better than Janeway straight up murdering Tuvix so that two other people can live, and I use “people” loosely for Neelix.

      1. That still grates. It was, as you say, straight-up murder and Janeway should have been court-martialed for it when she got back to the Alpha Quadrant.

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