Signups open for Microsoft Flight Simulator VR’s closed beta.

Speaking of the sudden spike in the cost of joysticks, this got announced yesterday: “Developer Asobo has now opened sign-ups for its forthcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator VR closed beta, which is expected to begin toward the end of this month or early November, and will initially be open to those with a Windows Mixed Reality headset.” …Plus a bunch of other restrictions which probably make sense if you’re one of the people who are deep into the world of MFS; from my admittedly outsider’s eye, it more or less translates as “no filthy casuals, please.”

I’m not actually judging; I imagine that this particular segment of the gaming community is in a high level of excitement tempered by worry over the news that they’re getting a VR component. The VATSIM people take this stuff to levels I could not afford to go. I just don’t have the money and I don’t have the time.