10/08/20 Snippet, PATCHWORK GOD.



I keep my spare gear in a bag. While being half-shredded isn’t always how one of these jobs end, it happens often enough I’ve learned to be smart about my stuff. At least I didn’t have to replace any clothing this time, unlike Jack. His back had already scabbed over, but he and I were going to need to eat something pretty soon if we wanted to snap back quick.

Or eat someone, I thought happily as looked down at the now-immobilized Blasphemous Tome. I had stabbed a needle through its spine in just the right place to destroy its ability to move, or do anything except drown in pain; as soon as I could find a grill somewhere, Jack and I would be all set. Although I suppose we could just eat the Tome raw, but where’s the fun in that?

The funny part? It’s still a better fate for the Tome than us dragging it back home. Which we’ve done, when one of our targets has been really egregious about what it had done to the humans. We may not love humans the way the Other Side does; some of us don’t even like humans. But a deal’s a deal, and the one we have with the Other Side works out pretty good for us, all things considered. Besides, our Boss hates traitors trying to escape, because if he couldn’t quite manage the trick, then neither should anybody else.