Quote of the Day, Do They Not Understand What ‘Unpopular’ Means? edition.

I think these two sentences are at least slightly contradictory.

A 2010 market research survey found that candy corn was in fact the least popular Halloween candy of all those polled. Despite being the consolation prize of confections, candy corn is a ubiquitous part of Halloween and continues to sell billions of kernels each year.

Somebody eats this stuff. Obviously, I’m not the only person in America who goes through a couple of bags of it every Halloween. Heck, I’m going to go grab a handful of candy corn right now.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, something has to be the least popular, sure.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Do They Not Understand What ‘Unpopular’ Means? edition.”

  1. “Of the options given”

    That REALLY important part is always left out of the story.

    Add Kale chips to the list, see where they rate against Candy Corn.
    Or those weird unlabeled chinese candies (Other then Lemon Wacky Hello).
    Or Candy Canes?!? (always a few around here)

  2. It’s like much of the media harboring a mysterious hatred of Smarties.
    Evidently, waxing wroth about a candy they don’t particularly like makes them feel like they’re standing on the barricades at the forefront of the revolution.
    I don’t particularly care for candy corn, but can’t imagine feeling offended by its existence.
    Heck, I absolutely despise the taste of Bit O’Honey, and I used to LOVE finding people who thought it was great. (Because the more they value it, the more they’ll give you in trade!)

    1. Smarties were my single favorite hard candy, growing up. My oh-I-hate-this were Butterfingers, until I woke up one morning, ate one, and decided that no, they were actually good.

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