Snyder Cut to include Deathstroke.

This just doesn’t stop being funny.

Following Jared Leto’s surprising return as Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueCollider brings word that another casting addition has been made for the long-awaited Snyder Cut with Joe Manganiello set to reprise his role as Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke. His return for the reshoots might potentially indicate that Deathstroke will now have a much longer screen time, compared to his brief appearance during the post-credits scene in 2017’s Justice League. Manganiello and Leto will reportedly be joining Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher, and Amber Heard for the four-episode HBO Max miniseries’ reshoots that are currently underway.

I dunno, Zack. You sure four episodes are gonna be enough? Maybe you should do six, just so it doesn’t feel bloated. Hey, what are all the Titan actors from that show doing? You could make them the subplot for a few episodes, give Slade more screentime that way. Oh, we’re back to bloat? Better make it eight episodes, then.

Okay, nine. We need a Green Lantern cameo. That was hinted! Think of the fans! You’d need a Green Arrow for that, too, but I’m sure somebody will volunteer.

…You know, since we’re this far we might as well just make it a season, right? And I got just the Episode Ten. Here me out: an hour of Luthor squaring off with… no, not Superman. Shazam. It writes itself. It absolutely [expletive deleted] writes itself.

That should do it. Ten episodes, a two-parter final, and one more episode for — well, Zack, I’ll leave that one up to you. You’re obviously a smart guy, based on how you’ve managed to pry this money out of the suits, just to amuse you and me. Even if you don’t get any more, I still salute you!

Straight up.

3 thoughts on “Snyder Cut to include Deathstroke.”

  1. On the flip side, he’s proven the ‘zeks who cut him off to be correct.
    And provided another case study for beancounters as to why you never let creatives run a project.
    I understand why he’s taking full advantage, and I can’t really blame him for doing so.
    I can’t help but think that he’s making things worse for everyone else.

    1. Agreed. The more he adds, the higher the expectations will be – expectations for something that no one but the fans are even really aware of. And to compound matters, it’s not quite clear *why* he’s adding in these characters. If this was the MCU, then you could say, “Oh, this must mean that there’s an intent for them to play an important role in the next phase.” But the DC movies haven’t been like that. They’ve been more of a “make it up as we go along and see what the fans will tolerate” sort of thing. Given that, adding in extra scenes with characters who don’t appear to be all that relevant to the movie plot seems like a bit of a waste of resources, and just the sort of thing to tick off the guys in the Finance Department.

      Also, Zack Snyder should not be allowed anywhere near Shazam. Scriptwriters for those films should be kept in a special bunker that has special sensors that set off alarms and secures itself with self-locking blast doors when Zack Snyder’s DNA is detected in the area. When they shoot the Shazam movies, they should intentionally arrange all of the shooting schedules so that Zach Snyder is on the other side of the country (or preferably planet) when the shooting takes place.

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