Roland the Headless Lomar Cultist [The Fall of Delta Green]

Roland the Headless Lomar Cultist

[The Fall of Delta Green]

  • Roland was from Olathoë
  • In the land of the Arctic Star
  • He never found his home again
  • Though he traveled far
  • The deal was made in Innsmouth
  • On a cold and squamous day
  • So he set out for Biafra
  • To make his bloody play
  • Through ’66 and 7
  • He ruled the Congo cults
  • With knife upraised to slaughter
  • He got results.
  • Those days and nights he chanted
  • To gods and Great Old Ones
  • He sacrificed the living
  • To bring back midnight suns.
  • Roland the Lomar Cultist
  • Roland the Lomar Cultist
  • Now, cultists had spent eons
  • To end old Ahtu’s rest;
  • But of all the ageless wizards
  • Roland was the best.
  • But the [redacted] decided
  • They wanted Roland dead,
  • So a deniable wet works team
  • Blew off Roland’s head.
  • Roland the Headless Lomar Cultist
  • IA! IA! IA! This has happened oft before
  • Lomar’s bravest son
  • Death will die for Roland til he evens up the score
  • You could soon see his headless body
  • Stalking through the night
  • With his shadow cast by Roland’s Midnight Sun:
  • With his shadow cast by Roland’s Midnight Sun.
  • Roland searched the continent
  • For the team who’d done him in
  • He found them in Mombassa
  • In a bar room drinkin’ gin.
  • Roland raised his withered arms
  • He couldn’t say a word
  • But he blew away their bodies
  • From there to Johanasburg.
  • Roland the Headless Lomar Cultist
  • Roland the Headless Lomar Cultist
  • Roland the Headless Lomar Cultist
  • Talkin about the man
  • Roland the Headless Lomar Cultist
  • The eternal Lomar Cultist
  • Still stalking in the night
  • Now it’s three weeks later
  • But he can’t give up the fight
  • In Libreville, in Windhoek
  • In Kinshasa and Cape Town
  • Nazi Galt 
  • Thinks it’s salt
  • That Roland has become
  • And wants him.

Roland the Headless Lomar Cultist

Abilities: Athletics 12, Firearms 12, Health 20, Unarmed Fighting 12 

Hit Threshold: 4

Alertness Modifier: 0

Stealth Modifier: +2

Attack: fist (d-1), .30 cal BAR (d+1,L1)

Armor: Resilient (bullets) [L-3]

Stability Loss: +1

Headless Thompson Gunner: Roland recovers 3 Health for every enemy he kills. Though headless, he suffers no penalty to his attacks. Roland never runs out of ammo.



You see these bullets? Looks like they got fired into something – but it wasn’t anything hard, because they’re not deformed enough for that. No traces of blood or organic matter on them, either. And usually bullets don’t all show up in one spot on the floor, like they were collected and dumped there.


There was a guy; he was right in the middle of the Biafra shitshow. ‘Rolling Low,’ they called him – but they didn’t want to call him anything, because then he’d notice. Supposed to be this hardcore sorcerer, even though he was some kind of European or whatever. He had the same kind of tattoo you mentioned. But word is, the CIA took him out. Hell, they blew off his head.

Military Science

These aren’t just any .30 rounds; they come from one particular East Coast manufacturer. The kind of company that doesn’t ask too many questions, you hear me? There’s some mercenary groups in the Biafra mess who use the rounds; they must get a discount or something, because they don’t use anything else if they can help it.

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  1. Nice.
    Nitpicking: the line “He got results.” doesn’t scan for me. It’s only two feet, and the stress pattern clashes between the two.

    1. Maybe add a word like “good”, ” fine” or ” great ” between “got” and “results” then? Because Luke’s right. When you sing it that line ends too abruptly to go well with the rest of the song. Putting in something with one or two syllables might make it scan better.

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