12/13/20 Snippet: Timmy and the Christmas Elf.



“Look, I just want to know what you did, okay?” The girl looked a little scared – but a little happy, too, like she had just found out something that was really pretty cool. “You looked at me back there, and I could hear something, but nobody else heard it and I always knew I was different and you have to tell me what it is!”

Timmy shrugged. “Okay,” he said. “You’re a witch.”

The girl flushed. “Don’t lie to me – and don’t laugh!” because Timmy was laughing. “It’s not funny!” she almost shouted.

He shook his head. “Yeah, it is. I knew you weren’t gonna believe me if I told you the truth, and you didn’t!” His teachers had said that would happen. People didn’t really believe in magic anymore, especially the ones who could really do it. They think they’re lucky or smart or skilled, one of his teachers had told the class. Nobody wants to hear they’re just cheating. “I’m gonna go now.” Probably the elf wasn’t in one of the rooms anyway.

“You can’t go!” she said, behind him. Timmy turned back to tell her yes, he could — and then he shoved her, hard, as he saw a flicker of white down the hall. The pain hit just as a blurry figure hit the door to the outside; the alarm went off, but that was just one more thing by now.