9 thoughts on “THE BAD BATCH trailer.”

  1. So …
    Is the vibe for this supposed to be more “A-Team” or “Dirty Dozen” ?
    I also don’t know enough about Clone Wars to be certain.

    1. the A-Team (which is a toned-an-scaled–down for TV Magnificent 7 if you think about it) and Dirty D are both enjoyable, but for different reasons, but DD should win any comparisons since the possibility (and actuality) of character death adds a dramatic tension something friendlier like the A Team can never match.

    2. And to go ALMOST completely off topic, since you mentioned the A-Team I’ll bring up George Peppard. Started watching ‘Banacek’ over the weekend and am impressed. Locked room mysteries with a good hook, plenty of character actors you sorta recognize 40 years later, and a funky 70’s feel to the music and backgrounds that is irreplaceable.

      Also a prime Margot Kidder shows up in one episode and while she never did a thing for me in Superman (or anything else for that matter) in this she is crazy hot.

    3. It’s got a bit of story DNA from both, but I think the characterizations are more A-Team. There are only a few Bad Batch episodes, you could get caught up quickly if you wanted to.

      I’m excited to see the story line of how clone troopers act during the Empire transition. We’ve seen before (Clone Wars) and after (Rebels).

  2. Unrelated: Marvel had decided that Starlord is bisexual and in a polyamours relationship.
    Much speculation that the change is a deliberate insult/challenge to Chris Pratt.

      1. Well we can speculate that the Marvel faction will buck the corporate master, and here’s how:

        Step 1 – make no waves… for now
        Step 2 – during filming record a scene with a distinctive extra in a pivotal scene that can’t be cut
        Step 3 – One month before films release said ‘extra’ appears in a disgustingly graphic splash panel of a tie-in comic
        Step 4 – trumpet the ‘inclusion’ of this new POS token and cultural FU as a win for diversity
        Step 5 – Lie about being up front and honest with the corporate masters, actors and public.

        1. So… you’re positing that the Mouse is less savvy about protecting itself from such things than you’d be?

          1. I only posit that the heretical Manichean worldview of a certain class means deniability is valued higher than truth.

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