I have a complicated reaction to the possibility of a FIREFLY Disney+ reboot.

On the one hand: Shiny.

On the other hand: I have been very, very disappointed in Joss Whedon ever since the adultery story broke. Although he might not actually be involved with this production. It might be for the best if he was not.

And, on the gripping hand:

The new show would start the story of Captain Mal Reynolds and his crew aboard the Serenity over from scratch, with an aim to make this a long-running series on Disney+.  There is a twist here and the twist is that they see the show as ideal family-friendly programming for Disney+.  My source tells me they’re planning to target it more at a PG-adventure, family audience and less at the sort of PG-13 dynamic the original Joss Whedon show went for.

…Well. This would, admittedly, give everybody a new thing to kvetch about. That’s always nice.

10 thoughts on “I have a complicated reaction to the possibility of a FIREFLY Disney+ reboot.”

  1. My guess is that Disney won’t bring back Inara, Jayne, or Shepherd; they’ll water down River past recognition; and the Browncoats will be memory holed as well.

    I don’t anticipate this being worth watching.

      1. There are worse things to reboot than treasure Planet.

        Not many. And I can’t think of one. But there must be.

      2. I’ve never seen it, and after reading half the plot synopsis I won’t be.

        But I just realized Disney is going to put a spunky orphan kid in the crew. Probably just replace River that way. Make her a true psychic, and without the torture backstory.

        There’s almost nothing they can keep.

        1. Said orphan will merely be traumatized by society’s cruel indifferent to “her” transexual status.

          1. Aha! *NOW* it makes sense!
            Disney has seen the excitement over the live-action Cowboy Bebop reboot, and would *very much* like some of that sweet, sweet money .. thus, Disney will give us River Tam LARPing as Edward Wong.

            1. Two epic cringes for the price of one.
              You are an evil and twisted individual to think in such ways. I am impressed.
              And if your horrible vision haunts my dreams, I might just drive the couple hours North to paint flowers, bunnies, and butterflies on your car.

              1. It is all true .. and I won’t fault you, although I will suggest featuring Bun-Bun in your proposed artwork.
                p.s. and if you aren’t familiar with Sluggy Freelance, you really should remedy that.

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