Let’s workshop this rum and cider drink!

I’m kind of avoiding writing tonight, for some reason; but I didn’t really need an excuse to use this…

…as an opportunity to throw together a hot rum and apple cider drink. Nothing fancy: shot of rum, apple cider, a touch of caramel syrup, a splash of lemon, and a little ground cinnamon and cloves. The whole thing worked fine as a rough-and-ready hot drink, with the emphasis on ‘rough.’ It had a bit of a bite to it, and I don’t think the caramel worked the way I wanted to. There should probably also been more cider, but I didn’t want to cool the drink.

Thoughts? The immediate one I had was adding one or more of orange and/or orange peel, nutmeg, and brown sugar. But I’m willing to entertain suggestions.

10 thoughts on “Let’s workshop this rum and cider drink!”

  1. Heat the cider first, toss the cinnamon and cloves in there – traditionally, use whole cloves and a cinnamon stick and a strainer, but portion control via ground ingredients works better.
    I’d say some nutmeg, which sits nicely between cinnamon and clove, would be nice.
    Orange zest instead of or in addition to lemon juice would also add a bite.

    1. Yeah, this was an abomination of a first try: I have everything except the orange and maybe the nutmeg, but I frankly nuked the drink rather than heat it properly, or even non-blasphemously.

  2. I’ve been meaning to check out a cocktail called a “Flannel Shirt”, that might be what you’re after, but it calls for blended scotch (rather than rum), Averna, and allspice dram.

      1. It’s 2020, I suspect you’re far from alone.
        I’ll be concerned if you join the Valu-Rite crowd, though.

      2. I mention it more as a starting point than a straight recommendation. Especially as allspice dram seems a little thin on the ground. And the only overlap between the recipe and my own supplies are lemons and Averna.
        You can probably scavenge allspice from the kitchen, though, and reduce the caramel/brown sugar (or skip it, entirely) to compensate for swapping scotch for rum. Not sure at all what you would sub for the amaro, however, if one even could. Probably too much work, but maybe infuse the allspice into the rum, with some orange peel and maybe a little chocolate for the missing Averna?

      3. Another thought, too early in the morning: maybe a little maple syrup is worth a try instead of caramel or brown sugar?

  3. My first thought is that’s all way too complicated.
    Start simple, then add. I would not add ground anything. That’s going to ‘roughen’ it up a lot.
    My second thought is Kraken (or other spiced rum, but that one is my favorite). You may not want to add anything to that. If you really want a citrus addition, a little Grand Marnier. That should also sweeten it enough to obviate any need for syrup.

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