One thought on “The Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales Honest Video Game trailer.”

  1. Unrelated: I appreciated this review of Cyberpunk
    He was appropriately wary of spoilers, but did highlight a couple of characters whose side quests you wouldn’t want to miss.
    Nutshell summery:
    It’s not there yet, but it’s going to dominate the landscape, especially since they’ve enabled fan mods. Explicit comparison to Skyrim made.
    The setting is excellent. (And is the primary antagonist that you can never defeat. It’s treated with a light touch, but the subtext verges on cosmic horror.)
    There are some great emotional beats, memorable NPCs, and compelling stories. (Sadly, your character isn’t really one of them. He’s a cipher for you to project yourself into, not a role to play.)
    The setting is deep, immersive and feels alive in the way most open world games fail at.
    It’s still a buggy mess, especially on base XBone and PS4.
    Many alternate endings, some of them powerful. (His comments reminded me of the “bittersweet” Dishonored ending. Oof but that was a satisfying punch in the gut.)

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