Movie of the Week: Master & Commander.

If you haven’t seen Master & Commander, don’t – unless you feel like swearing at a studio system that can make a movie like this, then never make a sequel to it. To be fair, though: it didn’t make enough money for a sequel. I’d love to know why, honestly. There’s some weird sociological reason for it, I’m sure. I shall try to avoid being bitter about the whole thing.

8 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Master & Commander.”

  1. Relatively high cost, poor marketing, etc etc. On the other hand, I have some music CDs associated with this flick that get constant use.

  2. While the casual movie-goer wouldn’t have known the plot was from the tenth book, I did and found it slightly disappointing. However, that wouldn’t have stopped me from seeing any sequel (already queued up for The Reverse of the Medal) multiple times.

  3. There was a lot of marketing.
    And it was all terrible.
    I *think* they were trying to broaden the market by trying to make it appeal to women, but the trailers were a confusing mess, and turned off those who would be eager to see a “wooden ships and iron men” war movie.
    I walked away from the trailer thinking it would be another Starship Troopers.

  4. I’m on book 12 or 13 of the series right now and the rewatch the film a few times a year. It’s distillation of the the themes of honor and duty are spot on, particularly as to the maimed child and his treatment of his friend the doctor. And on top of that the music is fantastic and the cinematography breathtaking.

  5. Was this particular post triggered by the recent Twitter snark by Russell Crowe to some silly individual who claimed it was an effective means of combatting insomnia?

  6. And yes, Moe, you are not the only one who tries to avoid being bitter about the lack of a squeal here.

  7. I like to think of the alternate universe where in addition to M&C sequels, A&E’s Hornblower adaptations also got proper love and more installments – – which is technically still possible since the star is growing into the age needed for the later adventures, but I fear it will never happen. That’s also the Universe where River Phoenix grows up to take over from Harrison Ford As Indy, Freddy Mercury avoids the HIV and Firefly is entering its 22nd season .

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