01/25/2021 Snippet, THE WAR OF OLD MAN TYLER.

Yeah, the short story got away from me. Again.


The band had about two dozen men and women in it, with about half as many horses — and three times as many guns. American guns, too, which made Nacho raise his eyebrows and Bailey shrug. “Not me,” he said, more or less truthfully. “Never seen these folk before. Maybe they raided a caravan.”

“Or maybe you Yankees slipped some guns to the Apache, with hints to have them ‘dropped’ somewhere helpful when they raided south of the border.” Nacho said that slightly sourly, which made Bailey give him a quick glance. This was not the place for a quarrel.

“I don’t know, friend. Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t. Either way, they’re better off with ‘em, don’t you think?”

Nacho shook himself. “Sorry. You are right, but…”


“But they would not need the guns if your people had only shot more rebels.”