My knee-jerk reaction to a EA/Bioware-less KOTOR 3.


But that’s the rumor: there’s gonna be a KOTOR 3, and it’s not gonna have either the Empire or the First Order making it (or Morgoth/Sauron, if you’d prefer that metaphor instead). But is it true? …Maybe. There’d be money in it, at least. The Mouse likes money.

11 thoughts on “My knee-jerk reaction to a EA/Bioware-less KOTOR 3.”

    1. I imagine Microsoft would be glad to let Obsidian make it, for console exclusivity rights. They’d definitely also put it on PC, so not an impossible scenario.

  1. My bet is that it’s less “KOTOR3” than a KOTOR-style ‘High Republic’ game. Which seems like a *very* safe bet, unless they’re planning to re-canonize the first two games.

          1. It just might be.
            (Shrug) Life has become much too surreal to rule it out.
            I went looking through the list of active companies looking for one that fit the criteria.
            None really jumped out at me as likely, and it was kind of depressing to see how consolidated the industry has become. (And how many names I remember are defunct.)
            Unless they’re a subsidiary, options are pretty thin.
            That said…
            If forced to guess, I’d say this is a headfake.
            I think they’re pulling a bait & switch, and making it for mobile.
            The mystery developer is a nifty way to duck the “what platforms?” question, and it neatly sidesteps EA’s exclusivity contract without involving massive lawsuits. (Fallen Order, Squadrons, and the untitled one Respawn is working on mean that EA can no longer be accused of failing to exploit the license.)
            The pre-launch enthusiasm for Blades demonstrated that there’s a niche for story based RPGs on the platform (that the game itself notably failed to fill). And Star Wars on a machine pretty much everybody already owns, could be a license to print money.

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