01/27/21 Snippet, GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND.

Trying to get this one done, because the other one is turning into a Chapter 1!


It would have been nice if, after we landed, things between me and Syad had progressed past a phone number exchange. Alas, by then the Council ship had landed at the main port facility, so everything had to be by the book. Big Sibling was watching us.

What can you say about Agents of the Adjudication Council, except Why aren’t all of you people back on Earth? Or at least the colonies. They’re never supposed to travel this far into the Tomb Worlds; but they’re here, and nobody takes an unarmed ship into the Tomb Worlds, so when a Council Agent shows up… well, they can be a pain in the ass, if they want to. And they always seem to want to.

Like the one we got. His official designation was ‘Commander Rubicon,’ because Council Agents never use their real names when working in the Tomb Worlds. They say it’s to stay impartial; the cynics say it’s to hide their shenanigans; the rest of us simply think they’re space-happy. Anyway, Commander Rubicon was here at 118-G-002 with his cloak and his half-helmet that covered the eyes (and his armed ship of retainers, let’s not forget about that) to quiz us about… software piracy.