SCA news: I/the baronial newsletter I put together won a Blackfox award!

Specifically, the Master William Blackfox Award for Best Special Issue. Master Blackfox is a legendary and beloved artist in the SCA, well-known for his sketches of SCAdians in their fursonas*. They do a memorial award every year honoring the various newsletters put out by the kingdoms and baronies, and this year my barony’s Drekkar got one for the special Pennsic issue I put out.

It was collaborative, mind you. I had gotten a bunch of people to write newcomer-friendly articles about how to navigate Pennsic (which is a two week-long camping experience with its own rules and circumstances), wrote some stuff of my own, and slapped it all together with the phrase “VIDETE NE TURBEMINI” on the front**. I was tolerably proud with how it all came out; I’m pleased that others seemed to agree.

This is a fairly complicated thing to brag about properly, because I got it as much (or even a bit more) for my editing and collecting other people’s stuff as I did for writing my own, but it’s still pretty darn cool.

Moe Lane

*No mockery, please, even if gently-meant: I still have up on my wall a copy of the sketch he did featuring me and my then-girlfriend (and two others). You know why the name of the publishing company is Flying Koala? It’s because that’s how he drew my wife.

**Google assured me that it means “DON’T PANIC.” Under the circumstances, one hopes I didn’t get that wrong.

5 thoughts on “SCA news: I/the baronial newsletter I put together won a Blackfox award!”

  1. Congratulations on the award! I knew Mark in the 80s, but never knew there was an award in his honor. He was just one of the more active SCA folk here in Tulsa. His art showed up at a lot of local cons as well, particularly OKon.

    Don’t think.that the title, “Ansteorra Rangers”, didn’t catch my attention, BTW…

    I once tried explaining Pennsic to someone as “Burning Man without futurism”.

    1. Certainly Pennsic has fewer amplifiers!
      (I’ve been to Pennsic, Mrs. Cat’s been to Burning Man, we’ve not precisely compared notes…)
      Congratulations Moe!!
      p.s. One question – the then-girlfriend became Mrs. Lane, then? It’s not precisely clear whether ‘twas her or one of the other people.. in either case congratulations!

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