The ‘You won’t believe it’s not Deep Ones’ LUCA trailer.

Okay, okay: LUCA doesn’t look at all like horror, honestly. But I do wonder what Pixar could do with some old school cosmic terror. It’d sort of be like… Dark Pixar.

…Dark Pixar would be kind of scary, huh?

4 thoughts on “The ‘You won’t believe it’s not Deep Ones’ LUCA trailer.”

  1. I’m just gonna note that if one removes the more comedic aspects from ‘Lilo and Stitch’, and takes a good, hard look at the Galactic Federation in that movie…

    That’s a dark, cosmic entity…

  2. Benthic zone deep ones .. eh, this species looks more shallow-water .. but not the type near Innsmouth.
    That said .. Pixar/Disney have, as Junior exampled, a much darker side .. and always have. (Sleeping Beauty, forex)

  3. Isn’t this basically the Disneyfication of Australian teen dramedy H20:JustAddWater more than anything.
    What? I dug around in odd corners for genre entertainment at at one point in my life.

  4. Dark Pixar.

    And thank you so much for kicking open the door to my nightmare closet.

    Nicklevi86: No one here is judging you, least of all the life-long bachelor with the penchant for Australian…ahem.

    I recently watched Sleeping Beauty with some of the younger members of my clan. It is still surprisingly effective.

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