03/03/21 Snippet, MARKET DAY AT THE PECZ.

Need to ramp up fully, but it’s coming along.


Calm yourself, Cascadia Silversong. I do not intend for your minions to take and raze that insipid place. I merely wished to acquire certain items. And fear not: my having them will do you no harm. Quite the contrary.

“How nice of you to let us know that,” Silversong replied, with as much sarcasm as she thought she could get away with. “But even if we let you use our siblings without asking, I’m still not your minion. So in the future, you keep me in the loop with whatever you’re doing. I’m no mushroom: leaving me in the dark and feeding me bullshit won’t get you whatever it is you want. Not in the long run.”

That got a pause from Camio, and then a grudging Very well. The Portlanders possess a particular pair of knives; ones imbued with certain powers. It would be best if our foes no longer possessed them.

“Which is why you just sent somebody to up and steal it,” Silversong said, suppressing the urge to massage her forehead.