Tweet of the Day, Release The Tolkien Hordes! edition.

First words out of my wife’s mouth: Yeah, but when did they release The Hobbit in America?

Via @calvinjluther, who does not approve of this japery.

Moe Lane

PS: 1938.

PPS: I don’t care, the line’s still hysterical. God, but those two entertainingly hate each other.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Release The Tolkien Hordes! edition.”

  1. If he actually read The Hobbit before Lord of the Rings was released, he’ll know how the encounter between Bilbo and Gollum went before it was revised when LotR was released.

    What, you never noticed that every copy of The Hobbit you see is called the Revised Edition?

    For my part, thanks to taking a college course on Lewis and Tolkien in 1983, I got to buy Hobbit/Lord of the Rings as a college textbook.

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